Dynawealth is all about the purpose of our existence—to empower all people and enrich lives. The name was coined from the words “dynamous”, a Greek term meaning ‘power’ and the ‘real essence of riches’, the English word “wealth”.

Dynawealth is strategically aimed to live a significant life of its own, adapting to its customers’ evolution and the fast-changing environment while serving the deepest desires of its stakeholders that are in accord with its core tenets. This is how we intend to take part in solving the world’s toughest challenges—global poverty, income disparity, and climate change.

We, the D’ers or Dynapreneurs, short forms for ‘Dynawealth Entrepreneurs’, view ourselves as workers, builders, protectors, and healers who are committed to growing our numbers so we could work better and faster to aid in ending the cyclical and exacerbating poverty and inequality and its complications: human sufferings and ecological imbalance and degradation.

We crave to help emerging markets attain faster economic development by letting insurance do what the industry had accomplished in developed economies while also directing or connecting our efforts to saving the nature and securing a great future. We firmly believe that the ultimate strategy to protect humanity and the planet is by enabling everyone to take part in it by first freeing them from things that rob them of financial peace and drag them towards helplessness.

Emancipating the poor and other lower-income populations from decapitating afflictions will lead them to easily finding their own gifts and focus on nurturing them. It is our ultimate goal to leverage developing a suitable population of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is not only a catalyst for economic growth and progress. Economic soundness is the key to solidifying our campaigns for climate resilience.

To realize all these, we must endeavour for massive impact by being a significant producer—a game changer—by having and collaborating with the right mix of people, optimizing vibrant, humanized technology, and fitting strategy or else we will be just another player or a mere performer contented with being just good, just surviving and drifting, watching while life forms on earth are disintegrating. Good indeed is the enemy of great. Thus, we aim and strive for greatness—for the masses of the now and of the future.


Building societies by empowering all people and enriching lives by providing inclusive insurance and related products and services simply and conveniently.


A progressive, sustainable, inclusive and equitable, and truly desirable present and future for all generations.



We care for uplifting people and enabling them to do the same for others. It is our firm resolve and relentless focus to guarantee equal rights amongst all people everywhere by employing empathetic imagination and creative inclusion.

We embrace being fully answerable to God and ourselves. We involve, serve, and impact the greatest number of people by doing the right things and fostering paramount trust amongst all stakeholders through works that are fair and beneficial to all.



We attract, synergize and work with the sincerest and finest people of integrity. We network and align with ideal entities to effectually implement changes desired by all by implementing practices necessary to having the best results deserved by all parties involved.

Failure is always an option so we shall fail fast, learn faster, and pivot better. We are committed into habitual innovation, bold execution, and vital correction to acquire competencies we need for guaranteeing successful executions and making transcendence the norm.



We are fixed to always fight zealously and execute singlemindedly. In combatting poverty, injustice, marginalization, and environmental degradation all the way to end we know we need to develop the finest faith, courage, grace, resilience, perseverance, and intelligence.




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